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Angel Barrero

The Scagliola Art

The Art of Scagliola is one of the best and brilliant event and probably one of the most sophisticated  techniques to obtain marble imitations. It can look like real marble or just an invented pattern.

This Art begun  during the beginning of the 16th Century and had its outcome during the Baroque period. The first schools that adopted the Scagliola technique were built in Austria, in Bavaria and in Italy.
Initially, the Scagliola was used as a substitute of precious minerals, stones and marbles. Artisans mastered this technique.

Angel Barrero is a contemporary Master of the Art of Scagliola. He recovered this Art and started to make researches on the expertise of yesteryear. Today, he innovates techniques and colors and achieves to obtain infinite different patterns. He adapts the Scagliola to the esthetic concept of the 21st Century by applying it to the architecture, to objects, to furniture and finally to the expression of Art.